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From the former Czechoslovakia, Beata’s artistic talent was discovered at a very young age.  She went on to study fine art and restoration in Slovakia before migrating to the United States at the age of 20.  Beáta developed a truly unique ability to understand how the masters created their works, and she applies similar techniques to her own.  Heavily influenced by her native Eastern Europe, the use of color and texture are woven into her versatile style.

Beáta worked for many years as a textile designer and artist in Los Angeles before moving to Seattle. Her passion for art and creativity, an unparalleled vision for color and design, and years of experience teaching and creating art is evident in her consistent ability to create pieces in a wide range of different styles and media. 


Inspired by life as a child and young adult growing up in a very different part of the world taught her to see the world from a unique perspective.  Beáta is motivated to capture it all!  She brings calm imagery from her life and evokes the senses with color and texture.


My Statement
Life is to be lived, cherished and loved, enriched by simple experiences. 

“Life is short, art is long…”Hippocrates

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